Lud Golz Pastor

Interview on Atlanta Live TV:

He has a great Book out:


Have you missed some of what God wanted to share with or do for you?

Did you know God often gives insight and does amazing things during the night?

In this book Lud Golz illustrates how God gives insight initiatives, what Lud calls, light in the night for living in the day.

He writes, “Maybe we hear better in the quietness of the night or see the light better in contrast to the darkness around us. Maybe we turn to God more readily in the loneliness of the night. Maybe it’s easier to surrender and take hold of God’s hand to guide us when engulfed by the night’s darkness. He explains how you can prepare yourself to receive such light in the night and then respond by living it out in the day.

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I (Brett) had a chance to golf with Pastor Golz and he was not only a great golfer (kicked my Butt) he is sold out for God! I really enjoyed his company and this video is a great video to watch!